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Exotic Fruits - Papaya  

Papaya - An interesting plant with big serrated leaves, believed to have many medicinal uses. Fruits are yellow-orange, sweet and fragrant..


Small plant
Plant in 4" pot, about 6 inches high: $10.00 each 

Mid-size plant
Plant in 6" pot, about 1 foot high: $20.00 each 

Mature plant

Plant in 8" pot, about 2 feet high: $40.00 each 

Plant in 10" pot, about 3 to 4 feet high: $65.00 each


Du Du nui
Seedless Papaya,  (Đu Đủ Núi) 
Vasconcellea × heilbornii; syn. Carica pentagona

Babaco fruits and plants look similar to the regular papaya. The flesh of the babaco is very juicy, slightly acidic and low in sugar. The unique flavor has been described as having overtones of strawberry, pineapple and papaya. The smooth, thin skin is also edible. Babaco makes excellent smoothies.

The babaco plant is much more tolerant of cool, damp winters than the papaya. It will withstand temperatures to about 28° F . The babaco is ideally suited to container culture and also excellent for greenhouses.

Plant at 0.5 ft high $20

Plant at 1 ft high $30

Plant at 2 ft high $45

Plant at 3 ft high $65



Du Du cay



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