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May 15 2023


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Exotic Flowers   

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Jacaranda bauhinia flower medi Lobter Claw
Duranta Dipladenia
Bird of paradise bong giay

More flowers can be found  in 'Exotic Landscape' section. 
Those flowers can be planted outdoor permanently in your landscape (zone 5).

If you are looking for fragrant flowers, check the Exotic Fragrance section.
A unique collection of flowers with distinct aroma.

Most of the following tropical exotic flowers will do well if placed near a bright, sunny window. In summer, they will benefit from being brought outdoor on a balcony or patio. Many will flower most or some time in the summer, making impressive decorative display on your front porch or in your back yard. 



Medinilla myriantha Medinilla 'Philippine Pink' (Medinilla apoensis)
This rare medinilla has bright pink, 1.5” flowers in well-branched, pendant clusters. The foliage is beautiful with large, deeply-veined leaves. The plant is a tall, upright grower that flowers throughout the summer . Medinillas are good houseplants, they prefer warm, bright light areas. Morning sun is acceptable but not hot afternoon sun. Outside, it can also be grown in a shady location .



Plant in 6-inch pot, 1 to 2 feet high :  $45


Yellow Hardy Lotus
- (Nellumbo lutea, hardiness zones 3 to 10):

This American Lotus or Yanquapin  is a very attractive water plant with large yellow flowers and round leaves up to 2 feet wide.  The seeds have a hard, impermeable seed coat that needs to be scrarifed by making a small hole in the seed coat with a file or drill and immersing the seed in water..



Please order seeds separately at www.oneDollarSeedStore.com

Lobter Claw

'Giant Lobster Claw'

is a giant!  The plant is erect and clumping, from 12-15 feet tall.  The inflorescence can be over 2 feet long.  Bracts are rosy pink, fading into yellow at the rachis, with a thick green border.  Blooms from December to May.  Can grow in partial shade to full sun.   



Plant in
 6" pot

Plant in
 10" pot

Rose Glory

Yellow Chinese Banana

Golden Lotus Banana, Yellow Chinese Banana -
Musella lasiocarpa
- Hardy to zone 7

A rare banana with curious flower, resembling a golden lotus flower.

Please order seeds separately at www.oneDollarSeedStore.com

Mid-size plant
Plant in 6" pot - $35.00 each

Full-size plant
Plant in 8-10" pot - $65.00 each

Clivia, Kaffir Lily, Nobility Orchid, Qin-zi Lan (Quân Tử Lan)- Clivia miniata
Known as 'Queen of houseplants', this long-living plant is easy to care for, and it thrives in household conditions! Does not need full sun to bloom! Neat, symmetrical shape with dark lush green foliage and trumpet-shaped bright-orange flowers. 


From $35.00

Blue Butterfly (Thanh Điệp)- Clerodendrum ugandese
Interesting flowers that look very much like butterflies. Clusters of blue 'butterflies' cover each branch tip.

From $10.00

Bougainvillea (Hoa Giấy)- Very popular in the tropics, these plants produce clusters of red, pink, or white long-lasting flowers. Suitable for hanging baskets or trained as 'trees'. Dwarf form is excellent for bonsai.

From $8.00

Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower (Ngọc Nữ, Long Châu) -
Clerodendrum thomsoniae Clusters of white flowers with red center, lasting for weeks before the bracts turn light-purple, which also last for many more weeks. Bloom almost year round. Very easy to grow.

From  $8.00

bauhinia flower

Bauhinia, Purple Orchid Tree, Orchid Tree, mountain ebony 
(Móng bò tím, Lan Hoàng hậu)
Bauhinia veriegata
Purple orchid tree (usually just called orchid tree) is staggeringly beautiful when in bloom - and it blooms for several months! It is a small to medium-sized tree growing to 5 m tall, with butterfly-shaped leaves. The bright purple-pink flowers have five petals, resembling orchid flowers.


Plant in
 6" pot : $20.00

Please order seeds separately at www.oneDollarSeedStore.com

Rose Glory



Medinilla myriantha, or Medinilla kinebola
Grape Flowers, Malaysian Orchid
Large leathery lush green foliage. Clusters of  large coral pink pendent flowers resemble a bunch of small grapes.



Plant in 6-inch pot, with potential for 1 or 2 blooms: $45


Plant in 8-inch pot, with potential for 1 or 2 blooms: $65

Rose Glory

Serissa, Snow-on-the-Mountain (Bạch Tuyết Mai) - Serissa foetida
Small white or purple flowers on dark green or variegated foliage. Very small leaves and abundance of flowers make this plant an interesting bonsai.


Plant in
 4" pot

6" pot

Rose Glory

Serissa Bonsai  (Bạch Tuyết Mai) - Serissa foetida
These bonsai , trained in the shape of an ascending drogon, makes perfect gifts ! Impressive trunks with lush green foliage and abundance of white flowes.


Plant in
 5-6" pot

Rose Glory

Bird of paradise Bird of Paradise (Thiên Điểu) - Strelitzia reginae
One of the most beautiful flowers. The Long-lasting flowers resemble birds in flight. 

From $15.00

Mimosa (Trinh Nữ)
Mimosa pudica, Acacia, Calliandra
These pompom-like flowers are very eye-catchy with their 'explosive firework' effect: numerous stamens radiating from the center. We have many plants with this form of flower: Gold Acacia, Powder Puff, Silk Tree, and Sensitive Plant.

From  $4.00

Coral Vine, Chain-of-Love (Ti-gôn) - 
Antigonon leptopus
This flowering vine is native to tropical America. A favorite vine in Florida for its chains of showy flowers, the brightest shade of pink. The masses of flowers are a big attraction for butterflies.

From  $6.00
Please order seeds separately at www.oneDollarSeedStore.com

Angel's Trumpet () - Brugmansia
An impressive patio plant bearing big trumpet-shape flowers all summer. Flowers become fragrant in the evening and at night. Very easy to grow. Available in white, yellow/orange.

From  $10.00

Desert Rose, (Sứ Thái-Lan)- Adenium obesum
Bright, beautiful pink or white flowers on a compact plant with curious-looking trunk. A favorite for bonsai. In Florida and tropical regions, the pot plant is proudly displayed outdoor with its showy clusters of bright pink flowers, covering every branch top.

From $20.00

Peregrina, Lady Pilgrim (Nhất Chi Mai)- 
Jatropha integerrima
A shrub with long flowering season, this plant offers bright showy scarlet red flowers with yellow stamens. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Can be trained into an attractive small tree.

From  $8.00

Mickey Mouse Plant (Mai Tứ Quư)- 
Ochna serrulata, Ochna Kirkii, Ochna integerrima
The most celebrated flower in Viet-Nam, Ochna integerrima blooms profusely on the occasion of 'Tet', the Vietnamese New Year. The bright yellow flowers are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Another variety, Ochna serrulata, after flowering, has shiny black berries on bright red sepals that resembles the face of Mickey Mouse. 

From  $10.00

Bay Rose, Oleander (Trúc Đào) - Nerium Oleander
This upright shrub faithfully produces nice clusters of brightly colored flowers all summer. A very popular indoor flowering shrub for our northern climate. With pruning, it makes an impressive formal upright 'tree' on your patio or front yard. Can be over-wintered in a garage. Choice of yellow, white, pink, or red flowers.

From  $10.00


Jacaranda, Blue Jacarande, Purple Flamboyant (Phượng Ti'm) -
Jacaranda mimosifolia

 A beautiful flowering tree, grows to a height of 5 to 15 metres. A spectacular sight when in full bloom: The canopy is covered with clusters of blue/purple flowers. The tree stays in bloom for more than two months during spring. Nice compound leaves resembling those of Flamboyant trees.


 Plant in 4" pot,

Plant in
6-7" pot,

Plant in
8-10" pot,

Please order seeds separately at www.oneDollarSeedStore.com

Rose Glory

Flamboyant, Petit Flamboyant (Phượng Vĩ, Điệp) -
Delonix regia, poinciana regia

 One of the most beautiful flower tree in the tropics. In summer, the tree canopy is covered with bright scarlet orange blossoms. Mimosa-like leaves close up at night. Can be grown as a potted tree.

From  $8.00

Please order seeds separately at www.oneDollarSeedStore.com

Ixora (Trang)- Ixora chinensis
'Jungle Flame' flowers are hot, bright red against glossy deep green leaves.
Its sweet nectar is a favorite for butterflies.

 From  $15.00

Duranta, Sky Flower, Golden Dew Drop, Pigeon Berry  ()-  Duranta repens, Duranta erecta, Duranta microphylla, Duranta plumieri

A large subtropical shrub to small tree that is native from Florida to Brazil and the Caribbean islands. Flower year-round. Flowers are violet-blue, ruffled flowers with a narrow, white picotee edge. The flowers' mild, sweet fragrance is attractive to butterflies. Flowers are produced in clusters at the end of arching stems.


Zone 9-12

Plant in
6-8" pot  $20.00

Plant in
10" pot  $45.00

Rose Glory

Dipladenia ()-  Dipladenia 'Red Riding Hood'

A fast growing vining shrub with vivid red flowers. Nice glossy dark green leaves. Produces large red flowers throughout the year. Excellent for trellis or hanging basket. Average height 3-6 ft.


Plant in
6-8" pot  $20.00
Rose Glory

* If you are looking for fragrant flowers, 
check the
Exotic Fragrance section.
A unique collection of flowers with distinct aroma.





May 15 2023
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