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trai bo finger lime gac1   h cactus
thanhlong java pear goji   2 yacon

Poster of 120 kinds of Exotic Fruits on glossy paper, full-color, 2-ft by 3-ft



2 yacon

Yacón, Ground Pear
(Củ Năng Đất ) - Smallanthus sonchifolius

Yacon is a delicious tuber that tastes more like a fruit than a root. It is an outstanding healthy alternative sweetener  thanks to its high concentration of inulin, low glycemic impact, and healthy naturally occurring probiotics. Yacon can be eaten fresh (sweet, crunchy, juicy) or stir-fried (like water-chestnut) or as chips (sliced and dried), or as a dry fruit.

2 yacon

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finger lime

The Australian finger lime plant (Citrus australasica)

is a thorny understorey shrub or small tree of lowland subtropical rainforest and dry rainforest in the coastal border region of Queensland and New South Wales,Australia.


Medium plant 1 to 1.5 foot tall, ready to fruit in 5-6" pot - $35.00 each

Big plant 1.5 to 3 feet tall, ready to fruit - $65.00 each

Medium plant 1 to 1.5 foot tall, ready to fruit in 5-6" pot - $35.00 each

Big plant 1.5 to 3 feet tall, ready to fruit - $65.00 each




Momordica Cochinchinensis  - Baby Jackfruit -Gac  (also known as Baby Jackfruit, Spiny Bitter Gourd, Sweet Gourd, or Cochinchin Gourd)  

is a Southeast Asian fruit found throughout the region from Southern China to Northeastern Australia.



0.5-1 ft$15.00


1-2 ft $25.00




pink banana

Pink Banana, Pink-fruited Banana, Hairy Banana, Pink velvet Banana
Musa velutina

These small banana plants are typically used in the landscape for their ornamental appeal (the flowers are large, bright pink, the fruits are pink and fuzzy). However, more than an ornamental, the small fruits are delicious and sweet, if you don't mind working around the seeds. They will peel themselves back when ripe. If you catch them at the right time (ripe, just opened, and unspoiled), you'll notice the best flavor.
Mature plant is only 2 to 5 feet high. A fast grower plant, this banana can start to flower and fruit in just one year from seed.Leaves are 1 to 2 feet long. Hardy to 20F (foliage killed at 32F, which will regrow with warmer temperature). Grows well in filtered light or partial shade, well-drained and moist soil.


Small Plant

0.5-1 ft$25.00

Medium Plant

1-2 ft $35.00

Big Plant

2-4 ft $55.00



h cactus

Hardy Cactus, Prickly Pear Cactus () Opuntia humifusa, Opuntia compressa
Hardy to zone 5 ( minus 20 Celcius)

A native cactus in North America, its flowers are yellow to gold, waxy and sometimes have red centers, measuring 4-6 cm wide and bloom in the late spring. The red fruits are juicy and edible , measuring from 3-5 cm. The fruits remains on the cactus until the following spring.

Plant in 4" pot
thanhlong Dragon Fruit / Pitahaya (Thanh Long) -
A beautiful and colorful fruit from a jungle cactus! 


Olive fruit tree, European Olive () - Olea europaea
A subtropical evergreen tree or shrub with a history dated back to Bibical times. The leaves are waxy green on top and grayish green on the bottom. In the Mediterranean, olive trees are known to live for over a thousand years.

Plant In 5-6" pot  $20.00

Plant In 7-8" pot  $50.00


Amberella, Java plum, Great hog plum, Otaheite apple, marapa, acaiba, mop, kedondong, kook hvan, hevi, ma-kok-farang, caja-manga, jobo de Indio (Tri Cc) - Spondias dulcis, Spondias cytherea  - Zone 9
A relative of Mango, this exotic fruit is hard to find. Dwarf variety bears fruit easily in containers. Green fruits have crisp flesh and aromatic juice, a favorite in pickles. Ripe yellow fruits tastes more like mango, but more intense in acidity. Young leaves are eaten fresh in Southeast Asia.
Plant In 6" pot  $20.00

Plant In 7" pot  $40.00

Plant In 10" pot  $80.00


pear Hardy Asian Pears (L Tu, L Nhật) -Pyrus serotina 
The easiest tree fruit to grow outdoor. Very crisp, sweet, and juicy. It is an excellent ornamental tree. In Spring, the tree is covered with early white blossoms. The glossy attractive leaves are tinged with purple in late summer and autumn. Fruits store well, up to months after harvesting. Ready-to-eat right off the tree. Our trees are grafted on European-pear rootstock so that they can survive the winter in Canada. Shipped to Canada addresses only.

From $40.00


Goji Berry, Chinese Wolfberry (Kỷ Tử, Cu Kỷ) - Lycium barbarum - Zone 5

Grows throughout much of China and Tibet, this berry is claimed to be "the most nutrient-dense food on the planet." It has 18 kinds of amino acids (more than bee pollen), up to 21 trace minerals and more carotenoids, (more beta carotene than carrots). It contains 500 times the amount of vitamin C, by weight, than oranges. Goji berries also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E. It is a good source of polysaccharides, which is believed to strengthen the immune system and slow the aging process. Fresh and dried berries are sweet and eaten like snacks.

Goji berries have been used in Asia for many centuries as a health food and traditional medicine. They are used as a health tonic to increase longevity, as medicine to treat liver and kidney problems as well as to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They are believed to enhance immune system function, help eyesight, protect the liver, boost sperm production, and improve circulation.


 in 4" pot

in 6" pot

in 8-10" pot

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Avocado,avocat, aguacate, "butter fruit" , huángyóu guǒ,  (Trái Bơ) -
Persea americana

Avocado can help to lower blood cholesterol levels (decrease in LDL and triglyceride levels and increase in HDL levels) thanks to the avocado's combination of monounsaturated fats, dietary fiber and the phytosterol, beta-sitosterol. A typical serving of avocado (100 g) is moderate to rich in several B vitamins and vitamin K, with good content of vitamin C, vitamin E and potassium . Avocados also contain phytosterols and carotenoids, such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

Plant in 10" pot
2 - 3 ft high,
gold rap Gold Raspberry () - Hardy for zone 5
Rubus idaeus 'Fall Gold'

A special variety that yields two crops of yellow, extra-sweet and juicy berries. Very easy to grow in your garden, producing delicious fruits year after year.

4 canes (potted)


Banana, cheek nam' vaa; pisang ; kwyz; nget pyo thee ; gluay  (Chuối) - Musa, Musa Basjoo, Musa maurelii
An interesting plant with broad green leaves and purple-brown trunk. Its exotic shape brings about memories of far-away tropical lands. Easy to take care of, the  plant produces new shoots every year to make 'baby' plants. We also have the hardy variety from Japan, which has been grown sucsessfully outdoor in Canada.

From $25.00

coffee Coffee Plant, kafae ; kopi ; kaphi ; kafe ; gafae (Ca-phe) - Coffea arabica, Coffea canephora
An interesting plant with shiny green leaves, fragrant flowers, and the familiar coffee beans! Makes a nice houseplant with lush green foliage, upright shape.

See also Tea Plant


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cacao Chocolate Plant, Cacao ; kakaaw ; coklat ; pokok coklat ; kokoe; kho kho (Ca Cao) - Theobroma cacao
A very nice tree with large dark green leaves, purple-red when young. Flowers and fruits on trunk and branches. . The seeds (cacao beans) are used in making chocolate.
Plant In 6" pot  $40.00

In 10" pot  $80.00


loquat Japanese plum, Loquat - Nflier du Japon, bibassier
(Thanh Tr)-
Eriobotrya japonica
This small or medium sized tree native to China and Japan. It can be grown in containers. It has beautiful downy foliage, fragrant flowers, and delicious fruit. The golden-yellow fruit has a distinct flavor like pear, with a hint of apricot and pineapple. It can be eaten raw, stewed, preserved, or dried. 


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cherry Surinam Cherry, (Sơ-ri Cnh Sen) - Tropical cherries with glossy green leaves.

Barbados Cherry - Malpighia punicifolia, Malpighia glabra
(Sơ-ri G Cng)

Tropical cherries with a tangy-sweet taste. 

From $10.00

guava fruit

guava flower

Feijoa sellowiana

Native to southern Brazil, northern Argentina, western Paraguay and Uruguay . Feijoa is an evergreen shrub that can be pruned to any size. In addition to the fruit it provides, the shrub also doubles handsomely as a landscape specimen. Feijoas can also be espaliered or trained as a small tree (20 to 25 ft. tall) with one or more trunks.
The  showy flowers have long, bright red stamens topped with large grains of yellow pollen. The petals are mildly sweet and edible and can make a refreshing addition to spring salads.
The fruits , up to 3-4 inches long, round to elongated pear shape, blue-green waxy, emits a strong long-lasting perfume, even before it is fully ripe. The thick, white, juicy flesh and the pulp enclosing the seeds are sweet or subacid, suggesting a combination of pineapple and guava or pineapple and strawberry, often with overtones of winter green or spearmint.

Plant 0.5 - 1 ft high: $15

Plant 1-2 ft high : $35

Plant 2-3 ft high : $65



oi vang

Guava (Ổi, Ổi Du, Ổi XaLỵ, Ổi Hồng Đo) - Psidium gujava, Psidium littorale, Psidium cattleianu

This tropical fruit tree bears edible fruits the size of a golf ball. The young fruit is green, turning yellow when ripe. The flesh is fragrant. New cultivars offer bigger, crunchy fruits. South-American variety (strawberry guava) has purple-red fruits and shiny leaves

From  $8.0

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c1 Cherry of Rio Grand - Eugenia aggregata
(Sơ-ri Ba-Ty) - 

This cherry tree has compact shiny green leaves. The fruits are delicious, changing color from red to purple to black.

In 7" pot  $40.00

In 10" pot  $80.00


man hong dao Wax Jambu, Mountain Apple, Malay Apple (Mận Cnh Sen) -  Water Apple, chom-phu-p (Mận Hồng Đo) -  
Syzygium javanicum

These tropical fruit trees have beautiful waxy fruits in bright rose color. Large leaves about 6-inches long. Fascinating white fragrant flowers in clusters.

In 6" pot  $20.00

In 7" pot  $40.00

In 10" pot  $80.00


ly Jambo, Rose-Apple, Roseapple, malabar plum; chm'puu ; jambu air mawar, jambu mawar, jambu kraton ; ching, king ; jambu kelampok, jambu mawar ; thabyu-thabye ; chomphu-namdokmai, manomhom, yamu-panawa (Tri L, Bồ Đo) - Syzygium jambos
This tree has slender leaves like those of ficus ali. The flowers are abundant and strikingly beautiful. These fragrant flowers then form white-green fruits that turn cream-yellow when ripe. The flesh is fragrant like the aroma of rose water. 

From  $10.00


mit Jackfruit, ; khnacr ; nangka ; miiz, miiz hnang ; peignai (Mya); langka ; khanon, makmi, banun; (Mt) - Artocarpus heterophylla
This large fruit tree bear giant fruits that have delicious and sweet flesh. Young fruits are used in many dishes. The big seeds can be boiled or roasted and eaten like chestnuts.

In 5-6" pot  $25.00

In 7" pot  $45.00

In 10" pot  $75.00


man uc Australian Brush Cherry (Mận c Chu) -  
Eugenia myrtifolia, Syzygium paniculatum

This small tree bears beautiful creamy white flowers and bright pink-red fruits the size of your finger tip. An ideal plant for those who love wax-jambu, but cannot find the space for the big tree. Popular as topiary trees in Australia and in Disney Land, these Syzigium can also be trained into bonsai.

 From  $10.00


Tamarind (Me Dốt) -

This tree makes a nice pot plant with double leaves in bright green color when young. Young fruits (very tart) are used in many tropical dishes. Mature fruits are sweeter, used to make candies or refreshing drinks. This makes a nice houseplant.

Plant in 4" pot  $10.00

Plant in 6" pot  $20.00

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khe Star Fruit, Carambola, spo; fuand ; belimbing manis ; zaung-ya ; Balimbing ; ma fuang; (Khế) - Averrhoa carambola
Very easy to grow indoor. Purple-red flowers; shiny yellow fruit with 5 pronounced ribs. Pretty double leaves and curious looking fruits having star-shape when sliced. 

Plant in 4" pot  $10.00

6" pot $20.00

7" pot  $40.00

10" pot  $80.00

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hongquan Jaboticaba (Mồng Qun, Hồng Qun) - Myciara cauliflora
This South-American fruit tree is prized for its nice shape and bi-color bark. Also used to make bonsai, thanks to its small leaves. Beautiful white flowers appear on trunk and branches, followed by round purple fruits that are juicy and delicious. 

From $20.00

than ky Miracle Fruit () - Synsepalum dulcificum

The fruit performs 'miracle' by making bitter medicine or lemon to taste sweet like candies! This effect lasts about 20-30 minutes after eating the Miracle Fruit berries. Strawberries, pineapples, and other tangy frutis turn extra-sweet after chewing on Miracle Fruit berries. These berries have been used by children and other patients who have to take many pills with bitter or metalic after-taste.

A nice, compact bush with decorative bright-red berries. Easy to grow. Ever-bearing.

Wall-Street Journal article on Miracle Fruit berries:

New York Times article:

Miracle Fruit Seeds, Plants, Berries, and Tablets can be ordered online at :

Plant in 3-4" pot: $25

Mature Plant in 6-7" pot $45.00

Mature Plant in 8-10" pot $75.00

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xoai Mango (Xoi) - Mangifera indica
One of the most popular tropical fruits, mangoes are eaten fresh or made into juice, jam, dried fruits. Green mangoes (shredded) make delicious Thai salads.  Young leaves are purple and used in the tropics as herbs. Fruits has yellow flesh, very fragrant and sweet. Dwarf varieties are suitable for container-growing.


Plant in 7" pot: $45

Mature Tree in 10" pot $85.00


Mango Plum, Plum Mango, Maprang, Marian plum, Gandaria, Marian mango  (Thanh Tr) - Bouea gandaria, Bouea macrophylla
This tangy sweet fruit has a very nice fragrance, with one seed similar to that of mango. Has high vitamin C content. Fruits are eaten fresh, made into jam, or pickeled in rojack dish in Malaysia.


Plant in 4" pot: $20

Plant in 5-6" pot: $30


du du Papaya, ihong, doeum lahong ; papaya, gedang, kates; houng ; papaya, betek, ketalah ; thimbaw; papaya, kapaya, lapaya ; malakor, loko, ma kuai thet (Đu Đủ) - Carica papaya
An interesting plant with big serrated leaves, believed to have many medicinal uses. Fruits are yellow-orange, sweet and fragrant.

From  $8.00

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j Jamaican Cherry, Capulin,  krakhb barang, kersen, talok, kerukup siam,  datiles , takhop farang, krop farang ,(Trứng C) Muntingia calabura

A very exotic fruit tree rarely seen in North America. One of the fastest-growing fruit trees.  Velvet green leaves, soft-haired spreading branches, bright pink fruit turning red when mature. Fruits are sweet, usually eaten fresh. The bark can be made into ropes.

In 4-5" pot

In 6-7" pot

In 8-10" pot

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quat Citrus: Kumquat, Lime, Pink Lemon, Meyer Lemon, Baby Orange, Pummelo, Tangerine -  (Kim quất, Chanh xanh, Chanh hồng, Tắc, Bưởi)
These temperate fruit trees provide nicely aromatic flowers and edible fruits in bright colors

From  $30.00

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chum ruot

Tree Gooseberry, Otaheiti Gooseberry (Chm Ruột, Tầm Ruột)

Phyllanthus acidus, Phyllanthus distichu

A rare fruit tree with bright green double leaves. Clusters of yellow fruits are born on tree trunk and branchs. Can be eaten fresh (with salt to minimize the acidic taste), or made into a jelly. 

From  $10.00

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Pomegranate, totum, delima,  phiilaa, granada, thapthim, phila, bakoh (Lựu)- Punica granatum 'Nana'

 This tree not only produces pretty bright orange flowers year round, it also makes beautiful fruits that last for months. The fruits are cream-yellow when young, then gradually turn purple-red when mature. Dwarf variety can produce fruits on 1-foot high plants.

From  $10.00
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na Sweet Sop, Sugar Apple, ; tiep baay, tiep srok ; Sirkaja, sarikaja, atis , khieb ; nona sri kaya, buah nona, sri kaya , awza ; atis ; noina, makkhiap, lanang ;  (Na, Mng Cầu Ta) -
Annona squamosa, Annona cherimoya

The upright tree has compact branches bearing bright green leaves. This fruit tree has origin in the Amazon rainforest. Suitable for indoor growing in containers. The fruit is very sweet, delicious, and fragrant.

From  $6.00
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sung y Fig, Higo , Figue , Feige , Fico, (Sung ) -
Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'
A tough plant that is very easy to grow. Can over-winter in a cool garage. Abundance of edible fruits.

In 6" pot $20.00

In 7-8" pot $75.00


sung ta

Cluster Fig, Goolar Fig, Gular Fig, Audumbara, Umbar (Sung ta) 優曇華-

Ficus racemos, syn. Ficus glomerata Roxb.
Produces large 'clusters' of fruit that appear on the main trunk and branches .They ripen from green to yellow to red and are edible when soft.
In the Atharva Veda, this fig tree (Sanskrit: udumbara) is given prominence as a means for acquiring prosperity and vanquishing foe. Legend has it that Lord Dattatreya dwells in this tree and thus it is regarded as a sacred tree. The roots, bark, leaves, fruits and milk of this tree have the quality to improve blood circulation and vitality of man besides believed to cure several other diseases like dysentery, diabetes, stomachache, piles, diarrhea

Plant In 4-5" pot   $20.00

In 6-7" pot $30.00

In 8-10" pot $75.00


xiem Sour Sop, Guanabana, Graviola, Guayabano, tiep barang ; sirsak, nangka belanda ; khan thalot, khip tht ; durian belanda; duyin-awza ; guayabano ; thurian thet, rian nam  - Annona muricata
(Mng Cầu Xim) -
This fruit is well-known in the tropical, and is widely used in making jam, ice cream, fruit drinks (nectar). The flesh, juicy and fragrant, is usually eaten fresh. Flowers are large, yellowish green, strong smelling,
From  $6.00

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vai Lychee, Litchie (Tri Vải) - Litchi sinensis 'Brewster'

Very nice fruit tree with double bright green leaves and beautiful red fruits in dangling clusters.

Lychee fruit facts: http://www.crfg.org/pubs/ff/lychee.html

In 7" pot

In 10" pot  $80.00

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nhan Longan, Dragon Eye Fruit, (Tri Nha~n) - Dimocarpus longana

Very nice fruit tree with double bright green leaves and beautiful beige fruits in upright clusters.

Plant In 7" pot  $40.00

In 10" pot  $80.00

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vu sua  Milk Fruit, Star Apple, Cainito, sawo ijo, sawo hejo, sawo kadu; sawo duren, pepulut ; hnin-thagya; caimito; chicle durian ; sataa appoen  - Chrysophyllum cainito 
(V Sửa) -
This fruit tree has beautiful two-toned leaves. Fruits are sweet and yield milk-like juice when pressed. Fruit can be eaten fresh or used in ice cream. Bark, latex and fruit and seeds have medicinal value. Wood is suitable for construction and branches are used as an orchid growing medium. Also planted as an ornamental.

Plant In 3-4" pot   $10.00

Plant In 5-6" pot   $20.00

In 7-8" pot $75.00

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dieu Cashew, svaay chantii ; jambu monyet, jambu mede ; Gajus, jambu monyet ; thiho thayet si ; kasoy, balubad, balogo ; mamuang himmaphan, yaruang, mamuang letlor (Tri Điều) - Anacardium occidentale

A pretty tree that brings us fragrant flowers and the delicious cashew nuts. The cashew apple is eaten fresh, mixed in fruit salads or made into juice.  


Plant In 4-6" pot

Plant In 7-8" pot

  10" pot  $80.00


Chilean Guava Chilean Guava, Tiny Guav (Ổi Tí-Hon) - Ugni molinae, Myrtus ugni molinae
This rare fruit was introduced to England in 1844 and became a favorite fruit of Queen Victoria. A highly decorative plant grown for its foliage, flowers and berries. This densely foliaged, slow growing, evergreen shrub produces glossy green, aromatic leaves, and in spring, bears a mass of bell-shaped, white or pink flowers, which are followed by bright purple to red berries. The edible berries can be used for pie fillings and jam. Grows best in full sun in acidic, well drained soil, but tolerates light shade. Suitable for bonsai, hedges, topiary and shrubberies. Self-fertile.

Zone 8-10

Plant In 3-4" pot   $10.00

In 5-6" pot $30.00

chanh day Passion Fruits  (Chanh Dy) - Passionflora edulis
An egg-shaped tropical fruit that is also called a purple granadilla, the passion fruit has a brittle, wrinkled purple-brown rind enclosing flesh-covered seeds, something like a pomegranate (granadilla means "little pomegranate" in Spanish). The seeds are edible so you can eat the orange pulp straight from the shell. Passion fruit is more commonly sieved and its highly aromatic pulp and juice are used as a flavoring for beverages and sauces. The pulp has an intense aromatic flavor, while the texture is jelly-like and watery. A good source of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and iron.

Plant In 4 " pot $10.00

Plant In 7" pot $40.00

Plant  in 10" pot  $60.00

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chum bao Passionflora foetida, Love-in-a-Mist,
Bejuco canastilla, chulupa de loma, cinco llagas
 (Nhản Lồng) - An unusual wild passion fruit with small fruits covered by lacy bracts. Young leaves and plant tips are edible. Dry leaves are used in tea by natives to relieve sleeping problems. Vigorous vine that flowers heavily and fruits without hand pollination. Easy to cultivate in a container and will do well as a houseplant.  The fruits are kumquat sized with a thin, scarlet red shell surrounding a blush-white pulp, mildly sweet, delicately flavored.

Plant  in 4" pot  $15.00

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Indian Jujube, Chinese Date   (Tri To) - Ziziphus mauritiana
Apricot-sized fruit with small stone-seed. Crunchy and sweet.
Grows to 6 feet high.

Plant In 6-7" pot   $45.00

Plant In 10" pot   $65.00

Natal Plum, Noem-Noem   (Tri To) - Carissa macrocarpa
Originating in South Africa, C. macrocarpa, or Natal plum, grows well with salt-laden winds, making it a good choice for coastal areas. This plant grows quick and can grow in shade, partial shade, or full sun. Natal plum is a popular choice for hedges.

Shiny, deep green leaves; snowy white flowers with fragrance that intensifies at night; long flowering-season; ornamental plump, round, crimson fruit in summer and fall at the same time as the blooms. In warm areas the fruits appear through the year. They can be eaten out of hand or made into pies, jams, jellies, and sauces. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Plant  in 3-4" pot  $15.00

Plant In 5-6" pot   $30.00

Plant In 7-8" pot   $45.00

baelfruit Bael Fruit, Golden Apple, Bengal Quince, Bilwa, Bilva
(Bầu nâu, Cây trái nấm, Quách) -
Aegle marmelos
A sacred tree in India, Bael Fruit plants are used in religous ceremonies.

Plant  4 to 6 inches high:  $15.00

Plant 12 to 18 inches high:  $45.00

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oi dau

Strawberry guava

Dark red skinned guava, closely related to the common guava, with an excellent strawberry like flavor. Fruits are small, to 1.5" around, and the pulp is translucent and very juicy. It some varieties, the flesh can taste pleasantly spicy.

Description: Small bush or tree to 20-25ft, although often much smaller. 

Hardiness: Strawberry guava's are hardy to 22F when full grown.

Sugar Cane, Cane a Sucre - Cây Mía
Saccharum officinarum -
A native of native to the Burma-China-India area, Sugar Cane is a fast-growing plant with colorful trunk (cane). Sugarcane is cultivated in 70 countries; as far north as Spain and as far south as South Africa. When the cane becomes mature (at 4-5 ft high), it can be cut to the ground to make room for new plants to shoot up.  The harvested cane can be peeled and chewed fresh for its sweet juice. It can also be pressed to squeeze out the juice, added to shaved ice and a few drops of lemon juice to make a refreshing drink. Sugarcane is used to produce sugar, cane syrup, molasses,  wax and rum. After the juice is extracted, the remaining fiber is used in the manufacture of paper, cardboard, and fuel.


Plant 0.5 to 1' high:  $10.00

Plant 1 to 2ft high:  $20.00

Plant 2 to 4ft high:  $40.00





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