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Flora Exotica - Exotic Landscape Plants   

The following plants are suitable for creating a Japanese garden, or to add an exotic touch to your existing landscape.
Japanese gardens, the gardens of weedlessness, tranquility, and relaxation ... 
An oasis for the mind and soul to relax, to meditate, or to contemplate ...

Many exotic plants are hardy enough to be planted in outdoor landscape. Landscape plants help to purify the air and add coolness to their surrounding. They can also be used as noise or privacy screen, and to create relaxing sights for you to enjoy. Planting these trees and shrubs will be one of the best long-term investment you ever made to improve life. See details for each plant below.



Buble-Gum Plant

Ginkgo Biloba

Asian Pear


Hardy Orchid

Hardy Bamboo

Japan. Fern


Hardy Lotus


Hardy Bonsai

Japan. Banana 

Japan. Quince

J Maple Cutleaf


Chinese Orchid

Yellow Lilac


Oyama magnolia - Magnolia sieboldii

This magnolia is hardy to zone 5, and is suitable for locations with full sun or partial shade. It blooms n late spring to late summer. The fragrant 4-inch-wide flowers have pure white petals and rose-red stamens .

Plant 1-2 feet high, ready to bloom : $45

Hardy Asian Pear, Apple Pear, Sha Li, Nashi -
Pyrus serotina

Grafted on European-pear rootstock to survive the winter in zone 5 (zone 4 for some varieties). It takes 6 years to produce the grafted tree, which can bloom on first or second year after planting. Very ornamental in the landscape with white flowers in Spring and yellow fruits in fall.

From $45.00

Buble-gum Plant, Teaberry, Wintergreen, Petit the du bois  -
Gaultheria procumbens

Hardy to zone 3, -34 C . A very interesting berry plant with 'buble-gum' aroma in its fruits and leaves.  Dark shiny green leaves, pinkish white flowers followed by scarlet red berries that are pleasant-tasting,  enjoyed by both people and wildlife! The plant is also known as Teaberry because American revolutionists used the fragrant leaves as one of their tea substitutes while boycotting English tea! The leaves also produces an essential oil used as flavor for chewing gum. Wintergreen oil contains methyl salycliates, the active painkilllers of asprin. 

This perennial  plant grows to 5 or 6 inches tall, making a good evergreen ground-cover. Prefers moist acidic soil in wood-land conditions, with morning sun.

Several plants 
with fruits

in 4-inch

 in 6-inch pot

Japanese Banana - Originated in Japan, this is the hardiest of all bananas. This species has been planted in Canada and has survived many winters. Rare and unusual !

Plant in 4"-8" pot, 20cm high: $25
Plant in 8" pot, 50cm high: $45
Plant in 10" pot, 100cm high: $65

From $10.00

Japanese Maple - Beautiful varieties of Japanese maples. -
Acer palmatum

'Sangokaku': bright red stems, unusual, hardy to zone 5 -
Plant in 6" pot, 15cm high: $20
Plant in 8" pot, 60cm high: $65

'Bloodgood': purple-red leaves,  hardy to zone 4
Plant in 7" pot, 60cm high: $45
Plant in 8" pot, 80cm high: $65
Plant in 10" pot, 125cm high: $125

Cut leaf: Fine thread-like leaves, cascading
Plant in 8" pot, 50cm high: $55 (red)
Plant in 10" pot, 125cm high: $125 (bright red, Shojo shidare)
Plant in 10" pot, 125cm high: $125 (green)

From $45.00

Hardy Orchid - These ground orchids can survive the winter with some protection (mulching). Long-lasting flowers.

Chinese Ground Orchids - Bletilla
Plant in 4" pot, 25cm high: $15
Plants in 6" pot, 25cm high: $25

Yellow Lady Slipper Orchids. - (Cypripedium pubescens)
The symbol of the Canadian Orchid Congress, this terrestrial orchid is native to Canada. Extremely hardy (to -40 Celcius)
Two Plants in a 4" pot, 15-25 cm high: $25
Four Plants in a 5" or 6" pot, 15-25cm high: $45


From $15.00
Chinese Redwood (Hồng Mộc) -
Metasequoias glyptostroboides-
This species is considered a 'living fossil'. It was thought to be extinct until re-discovered recently in a remote, isolated mountain region in China. Fine leaves are bright green in spring, turning bronze in autumn. The leaves are so fine, there is no need to rake when they fall off. A beautiful specimen tree!

Plant in 6" pot, 20cm high: $20
Plant in 7" pot, 40cm high: $30
Plant in 8" pot, 60cm high: $50
Plant in 18" pot, 150cm high: $90

From $10.00

Tree Peony, Japanese Peony (Mẫu Đơn) - Gorgeous flowers on beautiful 'trees'. Stiff branches help to hold flowers up, unlike Bush Peony. Flowers opens earlier than Bush Peony. This is the beautiful flowers being depicted on famous Chinese paintings. All plants are grafted in Japan or China. Choose from Red, Pink, Light Pink, Purple,White, or Yellow.

First-year plant in 6" pot, 20-30cm high: $30
Second-year plant in 7" pot, 30-40cm high: $40
Third-year plant in 8" pot, 40-50cm high: $50
Fourth-year plant in 10" pot, 60-70cm high: $60

From $30.00

Hardy Bamboo (Trc chịu lạnh) -
Phyllostachys nuda and other varieties-
We have many species of hardy bamboo that survive the winter here in zone 5. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit any landscape design. A very artistic addition to your Japanese garden, or to any garden setting. 

From  $35.00

Lotus (Hoa Sen, Lin Hoa) -
Nelumbo nucifera
An extraordinary flower, the lotus is sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. Contrary to popular belief, lotus is winter hardy, and survive in the wild even in zone 4, as long as the tuber does not freeze. Dwarf lotus can be grown as a pot plant. The large bloom, lasting 3 to 6 days, is strikingly beautiful and exotically fragrant. Plants go dormant in winter, best kept in a garage.

From  $35.00

Northern Gold Forsythia (Mai 4 ca'nh) -
Forsythia ovata 'Northern Gold'
 One of the earliest flowers to greet Spring are these gold-yellow flowers. 
Plant in 8" pot, 80cm high: $30 

From  $30.00

Japanese Flowering Cherry (Anh Đo) -
Prunus triloba, Prunus triloba Multiplex
- These beautiful flowers put up an impressive show in spring, when masses of pink or white flowers cover all branches even before foliage emgerges. This is one of the many species of Japanese Flowering Cherry displayed at the annual Cherry Blossoms Festival in Washington D.C.
Plant in 7" pot, 60cm high: $35 
Plant in 8" pot, 100cm high: $45 
Plant in 10" pot, 150cm high: $85

From  $35.00

Ginkgo Biloba (Bạch Quả, Pak-wa) - Attractive fan-shaped leaves densely cover branches of this pre-historic tree, the few species survived since the dinosaur age. Excellent for Bonsai. Fruit contains pac-kwa, a delicacy in the Orient. Hardy to zone 3. 
1-feet or smaller plant in 4" pot - $10.00 each 
1 to 2-feet plant in 6" pot - $25.00 each 
3 to 4-feet tree, in 8" pot - $45.00 each
5 to 6-feet tree, in 10" pot - $75.00 each
Honeylocust 'Sunburst' (L Me) - A very nice specimen tree with zig-zag branches and bright-green foliage in spring, lasting into early summer. Fine double leaves turn bronze in fall. The small leaves decompose into the lawn, no raking required!
Plant in 6" pot, 100cm high: $35 -
Plant in 20" pot, 250cm high: $95


Japanese Painted Fern () - A very pretty fern with various shages of green and gray-green
Plant in 6" pot, 20cm high: $15


Chinese Wisteria (Tử Đằng) -Beautiful foliage, and beautiful flowers in spring.

Plant in 6" pot, 25cm high: $15 - 
Plant in 6" pot, 25cm high: $25 - 
Plant in 8" pot, 75cm high: $35


Japanese Juniper () -Very popular for bonsai, yet hardy enough to survive winter outside.

Many sizes and styles. Please inquire.


Ornamental Grasses (Cỏ La) - Interesting shapes and colors. Foliage remains attractive even when snow starts to fall.

Many sizes and styles. Please inquire.



Japanese Quince (Mai Nhật, Mai Đỏ) - Dwarf, flowering quince. Deep red flowers.

Plant in 6" pot, 25cm high: $20
Plant in 8" pot, 65cm high: $30




Yellow Lilac () - Primrose: An unusual lilac with yellow-cream flowers. Very fragrant!

Plant in 6" pot, 30cm high: $15 (Not Available)
Plant in 8" pot, 60cm high: $25
Plant in 10" pot, 100cm high: $55



Tamarix (Thy Dương) - Tamarix pentandra 'Rubra' 
Fine needle-like foliage with pink-red flowers at branch top. Exotic look!

Plant in 8" pot, 50cm high: $20
Plant in 10" pot, 100cm high: $35





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