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Flora Exotica - Exotic Foliage   


da bup do

Variegated Rubber plant - Zone 10 (Cây Đa Búp Đỏ Lá Cẩm Thạch) 

The beautiful, stylish and tough Ficus Elastica Tineke has green and cream splashed leaves. It grows to 3-4 ft high, and can add a subtle pop of colour to your room or office.  
Plant in 4-inch pot,
6 to 8 inches high, well branched

si cam thach

Variegated Triangular Fig plant - Zone 10 (Cây Si Cẩm Thạch)

Ficus Triangularis 'Variegata' originates from South Africa. Its leaves are of green and yellow color with green in the middle and creamed yellow in the border of the leaves. Eeach and every leave has a different variegation pattern.

Plant in 4-inch pot,
6 to 8 inches high, well branched >

<img src="images/Variegated Swiss Cheese .jpg

<img src="images/Variegated Swiss Cheese leaf.jpg


Variegated Swiss Cheese plant - Zone 10 (Cây ráy xẻ (lá vân) 

The Variegated Monstera is a beautiful and rare plant with outstanding variegation. An excellent easy-to-grow houseplant, very decorative and artistic! Each of the leaves on the same plant has a unique pattern!  The pattern changes from leaf to leaf, iIt's always exciting to see what the next leaf will look like.     It is a vining plant with thick, leathery leaves upto 20 inches long and wide.  Monstera plants  make delicious fruits! Prefers rich, well-draining soil, bright light, and some humidity. Avoid prolonged, direct sunlight , which may burn the leaves.  .  



Plant in
4-5" pot,
1 ft high,

Plant in
6-7" pot,
1-1.5 ft high,

Plant in
8-10" pot,
2 ft high,

Specimen Plant in
2.5 ft high, 2.5-ft wide





-Variegated fig originates from South Africa-

- Its leaves are of green and yellow color with green in the middle and creamed yellow in the border of the leaves. Eeach and every leave has a different variegation pattern.-


Plant, well-branched
(4-inch pot)



Bamboo (Tre,Trc)

A symbol of nobility, bamboo has been the object of numerous Chinese & Japanese painting. Some varieties make excellent indoor pot plants, others are hardy enough for your garden and landscape. We also have bonsai bamboos and ground-cover bamboos. Buy decorative bamboo furniture: See more Bamboo




Monterey Cypress (Tng Thơm)

- This evergreen thrives indoor, keeping its bright-green foliage year-round. The attractive foliage contains an essential oil with aroma similar to citronella. Nice pyramidal shape (makes a great Christmas tree!), easy to prune into a bonsai. Very easy to grow, disease and pest resistant. There are only a few of these cypress trees left in their native habitat (Monterey region, California).

  Small Plant
(3-inch pot)

Monterey Cypress (Tng Thơm)

- This plant makes  an excellent Christmas gift with its bright green foliage. Comes pre-hung wiht red Christmas ornaments. Perfect for the desk-top or window-sill. An environment-friendly Christmas  tree that will continue to grow for years to come.

Big Plant
(7-inch pot)

Money Tree, Provision Tree, Malabar Chestnut Tree
Pachira aquatica - (Thần Ti)

- In nature, this a a wetland flowering tree growing up to 60 feet ! In pot, it makes a handsome house plant with nice shiny leaves and an impressive trunk. In tropical countries, the tree is grown for production of Malabar Chestnut. The tree is believed to bring one good luck as each new leave unfurls. It is said to be recommended by Feng Shui masters for wealth and prosperity, because the five large lobes of its leaf symbolize five fundamental Feng Shui elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth.

plants in
4-6" pot
$15 Braided
plants in
 8-10" pot
$35 Braided
plants in
 10-12" pot

Ornamental Grass

These hardy grasses add an interesting touch to your landscape with their distinct texture and shapes. Some are good ground-cover, others are suitable in formal planting in patterns or borders.

From  $4.00

bo de

Bo Tree, Bodhi Tree (Bồ Đề)

- This tree is sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Buddha (Sakyamuni) attained enlightenment under this tree. This member of the ficus family makes a handsome pot plant, with deeply-veined heart-shaped leaves. The trunk becomes impressive with age, resembling an ancient tree. Easy to grow, as other members of Ficus family.

From  $15.00
Seeds $1


Cycad (Thin Tuế)

- One of the few plant species surviving since the dinosaur age. Exotic palm-like leaves are sturdy, deep-green. Excellent for bonsai. These plants live for a long time, earning them the name 'plant of thousand years' in Oriental countries.

From  $15.00




Ficus (Cy Si l liểu)

- This super dwarf variety is excellent for bonsai. Very small leaves (less than an inch long). Rough-textured bark. Respond well to pruning. One of the easiest bonsai to grow!

From  $6.00


Ginkgo Biloba (Bạch Quả)

- Attractive fan-shaped leaves densely cover branches of this pre-historic tree, the few species survived since the dinosaur age. Excellent for Bonsai. Fruit contains pac-kwa, a delicacy in the Orient. Leaf extract is believed to improve memory. 



- This dwarf variety is popular for indoor bonsai. It also makes beautiful outdoor bonsai with interesting shape against the white snow background of winter

From  $15.00<


Ming Plant

- Exotic bright foliage that remains lush green year round. Leaves are fern-like. Trunk is gray-brown with a rough look resembling an ancient tree. Withstand low-light conditions. Very easy to grow!

From  $10.00



This section include plants with attractive foliage which are suitable for ponds or water gardens. Other aquatic plants with attractive flowers are included in Exotic Flower page. Many herbal plants make nice marginal plants. They can be found in Exotic Vegetable page.


Cyperus, Papyrus (Thuỷ Trc)

- Also known as 'water bamboo', this aquatic plant has pretty leaves resembling spikes with a burst of fire work on top. Can be planted in a decorative fish bowl, or in a desk-top mini water garden. Good for ponds, too!

From  $8.00
Stingray E lephant Ears, Alocasia 'Sting Ray' -

An excellent plant for container or water garden. Fast-growing. This variety has large green leaves resembling the body of a stingray, spectacular in containers.

Plant in
6" pot

Plant in
8-10" pot

Hawaiin E lephant Ears, Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' ()-


An excellent plant for container or water garden. Fast-growing. This variety has beautiful camouflage-patterned leaves that will stand out.


Plant in
6" pot

Plant in
8-10" pot

Taro, Colocasia 'Black Magic'  ()-
Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic' Taro is the oldest cultivated crop in the world. Cultivated in tropical Asia for more than 10,000 years, these plants are now popular in container, in the landscape and in water gardens. Average 3-4 ft tall. Very fast-growing.
Plant in
6" pot
$15 Plant in
8-10" pot

Mature bonsai plant (for outdoor or indoor) :

this 'Mariken' variety is very compact, suitable for bonsai.  Very limited supplies !

Specimen tree, one-of-a-kind, 1-2 ft high, with 1-2 inch thick trunk - $250.00 each



Find more aquatic plants with attractive flowers in Exotic Flower page, and in Exotic Vegetable page.




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