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Exotic Fruits - Banana  

Dwarf Cavendish Banana, Dwarf Fruiting Banana -
Musa acuminata 'Dwarf Cavendish'

A special banana that can bear fruit even when grown in container. It grows to 4-5 ft high, and produces tasty yellow bananas.  An interesting plant with broad green leaves and purple-brown trunk. Its exotic shape brings about memories of far-away tropical lands. Easy to take care of, the  plant produces new shoots every year to make 'baby' plants.


Small plant -
Plant in 5-6" pot - $25.00 each

Mid-size plant -
Plant in 7-8" pot - $45.00 each

Full-size plant -
Plant in 8-10" pot - $65.00 each





Red Abyssinian Banana  -
Ensete maurelii , Musa ensete-
Zone 10-11


One of the most attractive ornamental varieties, with purple/red leaves and dark purple trunk. A unique feature of this banana is that it stays single trunk its entire life, a perfect solitary specimen for your landscape. This banana can reach 10'+ in areas zone 8 and higher. In colder area, overwinter in a sunny location or let dry before storing in cool, dark area. Small fruits are produced on 3-5 years old plants. Fruits are small and  inedible.



Small plant
Plant in 4" to 5" pot - $15.00 each

Mid-size plant
Plant in 6" to 7" pot - $25.00 each

Full-size plant
Plant in 8" to 10" pot - $45.00 each




Hardy Banana, Japanese Fiber banana -
Musa basjoo
- Hardy to zone 5, with winter-protection

The world's most hardy banana! It has been known to survive harsh winters when temperature dips to -35 degree Celcius. 
Originated from the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, this species of banana has been grown successfully in Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver ...
Prefers full to partial sun. 
Mid-size plant
Plant in 6-7" pot - $25.00 each
Full-size plant
Plant in 8-10" pot - $45.00 each
Yellow Chinese Banana

Golden Lotus Banana, Yellow Chinese Banana -
Musella lasiocarpa
- Hardy to zone 7

A rare banana with curious flower, resembling a golden lotus flower.


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Mid-size plant
Plant in 6" pot - $35.00 each
Full-size plant
Plant in 8-10" pot - $65.00 each



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