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Exotic Foliage - Peepul Tree, Bo Tree, Bodhi Tree  

Bo Tree, Bodhi Tree, Peepul Tree, Sacred Fig Tree - Ficus religiosa-
In nature, the tree grows to 100 feet. Grown in pot, it can be pruned to any desired size. Leaves are heart-shaped with long, threadlike tips. As the tree grows, the soil around its base can gradually be removed to expose the top part of the root system.

Bodhi Seeds, Bo Seeds, Peepul seeds, Sacred Fig Seeds

Packet of 10 seeds - $1.00 each

Small plant

Plant in 4" pot - $15.00 each

Medium plant

Plant in 6" pot - $25.00 each 


1-2 feet plant

Plant in 8" pot - $45.00 each 


2-3 feet plant

Plant in 10" pot - $65.00 each

3-4 feet plant

Plant in 10" pot - $85.00 each




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