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Exotic Flowers   Powderpuff Lily, Blood Lily, Fireball Lily


powderpuff Flower          
Most of the following tropical exotic flowers will do well if placed near a bright, sunny window. In summer, they will benefit from being brought outdoor on a balcony or patio. Many will flower most or some time in the summer, making impressive decorative display on your front porch or in your back yard. 




Powderpuff Lily, Blood Lily, Fireball Lily  ()
Haemanthus multiflorus, Scadoxus multiflorus
This member of the amaryllis family bears broad green leaves and brilliant orange-red flowers. Grows well in partial shade or filtered sun. Each flower cluster can have more than 100 star-shaped flowers.

Winner of the 'Best Bulb Flower' category at 2006's Le Rendez-vous Horticole in Montreal Botanical Garden

Zone 9-11

Dry Bulb: $8

Fresh Bulb: $15


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