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Exotic Flower - Gloriosa, Glory Lily, Fire Lily, Flame Lily,


Gloriosa, Glory Lily, Fire Lily, Flame Lily,
(Khai-Hoan Hoa, Hoa Ngoắt Ngoẻo, Hoa Lồng Đèn, Ngót Nghẻo, Huệ Lồng đèn, Gia Lan - Lis glorieux,  klänglilja, Kalihari, 嘉兰 Jia lan)-
Gloriosa superba 'Rothschildiana' -
National flower of Zimbabwe
These exotic-looking flowers are 4-5 inches across with wavy petals in crimson, edged with bright yellow. This native of South Africa climbs by means of tendrils at the tips of their leaves. A compact climber with glossy lush green leaves and long-lasting flowers all summer

Zone 8-11

Bulb: $8
(in April-May)

Plant in
 6" pot

Plant in
 7-8" pot

Seeds $1
(10 seeds)





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