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Exotic Flowers - Bougainvillea   


Bougainvillea - Bougainvillea spectabilis -
Brilliantly colored flowers on long branches bearing a small spike on each leaf node. Leaves are heart-shaped, dark green. Prefer full sun, but will bloom near a bright window.


(Hoa Giấy)

.Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees with flower-like spring leaves near its flowers. Different authors accept between four and 18 species in the genus. Bougainvillea are also known as buganvilla (Spain), bugambilia (Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Philippines), bouganvilla (India), pokok ...


Single red,  pink, white, or yellow flowers

Cuttings 15cm - $5.00 each
Small plant in 4" pot - $8.00 each
Medium plant, 12-inches high in 6" pot - $20.00 each
Multi plants in 8-10" hanging basket  - $45 each

 Double Bougainvillea - Pink-red  double flowers
Spectacular double, triple flowers with 10 to 30 petals each!
These full flowers form dense clusters in bright pink-red color. Compact, but not dwarf plants.

Cuttings 15cm - $8.00 each
Small plant in 4" pot - $10.00 each
Medium plant, 18-inches high in 6" pot - $25.00 each
Big plant in 8" pot  - $45 each


 White Bougainvillea
Dwarf Bougainvillea - Bougainvillea 'Torch Glow'

This variety has no spikes. Very small leaves, compact shpae, bright purple flowers. Excellent for bonsai or small pots.

Cuttings 15cm - $5.00 each

Small plant in 3" or 4" pot - $15.00 each
Mid-size plant in 6" pot - $25.00 each

Big plant, in 7" or 8" pot - $45.00 each




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