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Flora Exotica - Exotic Passionflora foetida (Nhan Long)


Poster of 120 kinds of Exotic Fruits on glossy paper, full-color, 2-ft by 3-ft

nhan Passionflora foetida, Love-in-a-Mist,
Bejuco canastilla, chulupa de loma, cinco llagas
 (Nhản Lồng) - An unusual wild passion fruit with small fruits covered by lacy bracts. Young leaves and plant tips are edible. Dry leaves are used in tea by natives to relieve sleeping problems. Vigorous vine that flowers heavily and fruits without hand pollination. Easy to cultivate in a container and will do well as a houseplant.  The fruits are kumquat sized with a thin, scarlet red shell surrounding a blush-white pulp, mildly sweet, delicately flavored.

Plant  in 3-4" pot  $15.00

Plant  in 6-7" pot  $35



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