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Exotic Fruits - Guava  

Guava - Psidium Guajava -
Good source of vitamin A, B, and C.
The common guava found in most tropical countries can be grown indoor in containers. Deeply veined leaves and smooth, attractive bark similar to that of a mature eucalyptus.

Packet of 12 seeds - $1.00 each 

First-Year plant
Plant in 4" pot - $8.00 each 


Mid-size plant
Plant in 6" pot - $20.00 each
Plant in 7" pot - $40.00 each
Plant in 8" pot - $60.00 each

Full-size plant
Plant in 10" pot - $80.00 each

Strawberry Guava, Cattley Guava -
Psidium cattlenium, Psidium littorale

Cao mei fan shi liu,Goyavier-fraise,Araça-amarelo.

This variety of guava bears fruit easily in container. Compact plant, shiny leaves, pretty yellow or purple-red fruits. Grows well in full sun, but can tolerate partial shade.

Packet of 8 seeds - $1.00 each

Small plant
Plant in 4" pot - $10.00 each 
Mid-size plant
Plant in 6" pot - $25.00 each .

guava fruit

guava flower

Feijoa sellowiana
Native to southern Brazil, northern Argentina, western Paraguay and Uruguay . Feijoa is an evergreen shrub that can be pruned to any size. In addition to the fruit it provides, the shrub also doubles handsomely as a landscape specimen. Feijoas can also be espaliered or trained as a small tree (20 to 25 ft. tall) with one or more trunks.
The  showy flowers have long, bright red stamens topped with large grains of yellow pollen. The petals are mildly sweet and edible and can make a refreshing addition to spring salads.
The fruits , up to 3-4 inches long, round to elongated pear shape, blue-green waxy, emits a strong long-lasting perfume, even before it is fully ripe. The thick, white, juicy flesh and the pulp enclosing the seeds are sweet or subacid, suggesting a combination of pineapple and guava or pineapple and strawberry, often with overtones of winter green or spearmint.


Plant 0.5 - 1 ft high: $15
Plant 1-2 ft hig$35




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