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Exotic Flowers with Fragrance   

More flowers can be found  in 'Exotic Landscape' section. 
Those flowers can be planted outdoor permanently in your landscape.

Most of the following tropical exotic flowers will do well if placed near a bright, sunny window. In summer, they will benefit from being brought outdoor on a balcony or patio. Many will flower most or some time in the summer, making impressive decorative display on your front porch or in your back yard. 

Oyama magnolia - Magnolia sieboldii Test

This magnolia is hardy to zone 5, and is suitable for locations with full sun or partial shade. It blooms n late spring to late summer. The fragrant 4-inch-wide flowers have pure white petals and rose-red stamens .

Plant 1-2 feet high, ready to bloom : $45


Japanese Honeysuckle - Lonicera japonica ( Kim ngân hoa )

The Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica); Suikazura スイカズラ/吸い葛 in Japanese; Jinyinhua in Chinese; 忍冬 in Chinese and Japanese) is a species of honeysuckle native to eastern Asia including China, Japan and Korea. It is a twining vine able to climb up to 10 metres (33 ft) high or more in trees, with opposite, simple oval leaves 3–8 centimetres (1.2–3.1 in) long and 2–3 centimetres (0.79–1.2 in) broad. The flowers are double-tongued, opening white and fading to yellow, and sweetly vanilla scented.




Small plant in

3 inch pot, 4 to 8 inch tall $10

Big plant in

6 or 7 inch pot, 1 to 2ft tall $35



Hoya, Wax Plant, Wax Vine, Porcelain Flower  
(Cẩm T) -

Beautiful globular clusters of fragrant flowers on vines.

From $15.00



$5 - $10

Angel's Trumpet () - Brugmansia
An impressive patio plant bearing big trumpet-shape flowers all summer. Flowers become fragrant in the evening and at night. Very easy to grow. Available in white, yellow/orange.
From  $10.00
mai bonsai Water Jasmin - Wrightia religiosa -
Numerous white fragrant flowers dangling on branches. A popular bonsai plant in the Orient. Each flower has a crystal-clear water drop in the center.

4-8" high   $20.00

8-12" high  $40.00

1-2' high  $80.00

2-3' trunk  $350.00

Rice Flower (Hoa Ngu) - Tiny yellow flowers have a light fragrant. Clusters of these small flowers show off on each branch tip! Used to flavor tea.

From  $25.00

Sweet Olive, Mu-lan (Kwai-fah, Mộc Lan, Quế) - Osmanthus fragrans 

A nice plant with dark green leaves and white fragrant flowers. One of the easiest to grow and bloom indoor. These tiny flowers appear on branches almost year round, providing continuous fragrance.The fragrance is very mild and pleasant.


Plant in
6" pot  $25.00

8" pot  $45.00

10" pot  $65.00

Lotus (Hoa Sen, Lin Hoa)- An extraordinary flower, the lotus is sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. Contrary to popular belief, lotus is winter hardy, and survive in the wild even in zone 4. Dwarf lotus can be grown as a pot plant. The large bloom, lasting 3 to 6 days, is strikingly beautiful and exotically fragrant. View our selection and growing instructions.

From  $35.00

Seeds $1
(pkt of 2)

Water Lily
Water Lily (Hoa Súng)
Water lily is a beautiful aquatic flower with bright color and round leaves, floating on water surface. We sell hardy species, which can survive Winter  in  zone 4 to 11. Dwarf varieties can be grown in a small 1-gallon or 2-gallon pot.  
Water Lily
African Gardenia

African Gardenia, Vanilla Plant
- Mitriostigma axillare, Gardenia citriodora
An relative of gardenia that is compact and blooms reliably in the home. Very long blooming season (almost year-round). Flowers are star-shaped, pink in bud and open creamy white. Flower clusters are along stems, blooming in mass, with a nice fragrance, similar to gardenia. A compact shrub wiht glossy, short, slender leaves on woody stems. Average size is 2 feet high and wide, excellent for small space. African gardenia can be grown just about anywhere in the home - in sun or partial shade, in cool or warm temperatures, and in low or high humidity.

in 3-4" pot

in 5-6" pot

Gardenia, Cape Jasmine () -
Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitchii' , Gardenia veitchii

A beautiful shrub with dark glossy foliage and large double fragant flowers. It can be grown outdoor as a hedge or foundation plant, or in a container for your patio or sun-room. The sweet, deep scent is probably one of the best fragrances world-wide .

Zone 8-11

Plant in
6-" pot  $25.00

8" pot  $45.00

12" pot
tree-form  $75.00

Water Lily (Kwai-fah, Mộc Lan, Quế) - Nymphaea hollandia - Double Pink (Medium)
Nymphaea gonnere - Double White (Medium)
Nymphaea pygmaea 'Helvola' - Yellow (Miniature )

These hardy water lilies are excellent for water gardens or small tubs.


Plant   $35.00

Jasmine Sambax 'Grand Duke' (Li, Li Trăm Cnh)
Orange Jasmine
(Nguyệt Quế) - Murraya exotica 
Jasmine-of-the-night, Night Jasmine
(Dạ L)- 

A collection of flowers with sweet, soothing aroma. The fragrance of these flowers will bring you a sense of peace and tranquility. Let the therapeutic aroma of these flowers help you enjoy moments of relaxation amidst your busy schedule.

From  $5.00

Camellia (Tr Hoa, Tr Mi) - Beautiful flowers in rich, deep colors against shiny green foliage. Flowers have light fragrance. These plants are in the same family as the Tea plant.

Tea Plant (Tr) - Nice flowers and useful leaves

From $35.00 Tea Seeds $1
(2 seeds)

Orchid Cactus, Queen-of-the-Night, Night-blooming Cereus (Ngọc Quỳnh)- Spectacular flowers up to 6 inches across, 15 inches long. The flower opens at night, very fragrant. Easy to grow. 

From  $8.00


Magnolia Coco (Dạ Hợp, Vạn Hạp)
Magnolia Coco  - Round, egg-shape flowers have a unique fragrance. Plants have deep green leaves that are thick and deeply veined.

From  $65.00

Plumeria (Sứ Đai)- A very popular tropical flower that comes in many shapes and color, many of them very fragrant! Lush green succulent leaves are palm-size or bigger. Most often used to make 'lei' in Hawaii.


Champaca, Champak -
(Ngọc Lan) - Champaca has a very pleasant fragrance, used to make 'Joy' - one of the world's most expensive perfumes. The scent of this flower rivals that of Ylang-Ylang, another fragrant flower used for Chanel No. 5 perfume. 

   From  $45.00

Yellow Champak and Orange Champak
(Hong Lan) - Champaca has a very pleasant fragrance, used to make 'Joy' - one of the world's most expensive perfumes. This variety has yellow flowers. Another variety, Orange Champak is also available in very limited quantity.

 From  $55.00

Banana Shrub - >Michelia figo, Magnolia figo -
(Hm Tiếu) -
Lovely sweet fragrance, resembling ripe banana. More compact than Michelia alba, Banana shrub is suitable on counter top or desktop. 

From $20.00

Ylang-Ylang, Kenanga, Perfume Tree -
Cananga odorata / Canangium odoratum -

This flower is used in making Chanel No.5 perfume, the most exclusive and best-selling perfume in the world. This tree can start to flower when 2 or 3 years old, bearing clusters of yellow-green flowers with exquisite fragrance. 

To quote Coco Chanel, designer of the perfume: 'I wanted a perfume that is composed - not hints of roses or lilies of the valley. A woman's perfume - redolent, evocative of a woman. A perfume unlike any other ever made. The ideal scent for a woman.' (Paris, 1923)

Dwarf Ylang-Ylang -
Desmos chinensis

Flowers are much smaller, have similar shape and fragrance as Ylang-Ylang. Plants are also more compact

1-2 ft $45.00

2-3 ft $65.00

4-5 ft $125.00

Fragrant Gladiolus, Tuberose (Hoa Huệ Trắng)- '
Pure white flowers with an exotic fragrance.
Frequently used in floral offerings in temples.
Easy to grow in pots or gardens.

From $4.00

Rainbow Flowers,  (Trm Ổi, Hoa Ngủ Sắc)-
Lantana camara

Prolific flowers with light fragrance, followed by deep purple berries that are edible. Leaves have a stronger fragrance, which smells like guava (tropical fruit). Blooms all year in greenhouses and hot climate. Attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other birds. Strong, versatile plants that perform well in baskets, containers and your garden.

Zone 8-11

Plant in
 4-5" pot


 6-8" pot

10" pot

12" pot
tree-form  $65.00

Tonkin Jasmine, Tonkin Creeper, Pakalana vine, Telosma 夜来香  (Thien Ly') - Hardy to zone 10
Telosma cordata, Cynanchum odoratissimum, Telosma minor, Pergularia minor, Oxystelma ovatum, Telosma odoratissima, Asclepias cordata, Pergularia odoratissima

These fragrant flowers are used in making 'leis' in Hawa. Evergreen woody twiner vine, grows to 10 to 20 feet tall (3-6 m) outside, but averages about 3 feet in container; opposite heart shaped leaves with long petioles. Flowers are strongly scented, cream to yellow to orange flowers with greenish center and throat. The flower buds and young leaves are edible.

0.5-1  ft

1-3 ft $40.00


Amazon Lily,  -
Eucharis amazonica, Eucharis grandiflora
(Ngọc Trm)
This bulb produces white fragrant flowers on long stems. The plants are very nice even when not flowering, with their big broad glossy green leaves. Can bloom in partial shade

in 6" pot

in 8" pot

in 10" pot $65.00 


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