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Flora Exotica - Exotic Decor 

Bamboo Folding Chair - This chair is not only decorative, artistic, but also functional and sturdy. Made from very strong bamboo canes that are almost solid inside, the chair can be folded for easy storage and transportation. 

In natural bamboo-cane color


Bamboo Folding Recliner - This beach chair is not only decorative and artistic, but also adjustable,  functional and sturdy. Made from very strong bamboo canes that are almost solid inside, the recliner can be folded for easy storage and transportation. The back-support rack is flexible and follows your body contour, making it very comfortable.

In natural bamboo-cane color

Bamboo Folding Recliner with foot-rest - Add $10






Orchid (silk) - These beautiful orchids will brighten up any room or corner. Use spot lighting to turn them into 'green oasis' in basements or rooms unsuitable for living plants. Now, you don't need a green thumb to enjoy the beauty of orchids! Available in many types, colors, sizes.

From $15.00

Bonsai Bamboo (silk) - Real bamboo stems with artificial foliage. A nice decor item for your desktop or bookshelf.


Rocks for Bonsai - Palm-size or smaller rocks in curious forms and interesting shapes. Individually selected for bonsai, penjing, non-bo, or miniature gardens.

From  $2.00

Cherry Blossom (silk) - Cheerful cherry blossoms on dark brown branches. The symbol of spring in northern countries, cherry blossoms greet the mild weather after chilly winter months. A pretty decor item for your desktop, bookshelf, or kitchen counter. A nice addition to rooms decorated in Oriental styles.

From  $8.00

New Year Flower (silk) - The most celebrated flower in Viet-Nam, Ochna serrulata blooms profusely on the occasion of 'Tet', the Vietnamese New Year. The bright yellow flowers are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

From  $8.00

Kids Gardens - Gardens that kids will enjoy and take good care of. Dinosaur Garden: A combination of dinosaur figurines, curious-looking lava rocks, and succulent plants (which are long-lasting and easy to care for) in a saucer. Ocean Garden: coral rocks, seashell, fish, and succulent plants.

From  $20.00

Herb Garden -  Miniature gardens suitable for window sill, patio, or balcony. Various combinations of exotic herbs to provide your kitchen with fresh supplies year round.

From  $20.00

Mini Pond - Enjoy water gardens without the troubles of maintaining a pond!. These miniature water gardens are easy to care for. Real dwarf aquatic plants in salad bowls, fish bowls, or ceramic bowls. If your office or kitchen has plenty of sunshine, these ponds are excellent on desktop or counter-top. Water, as a nature element, is believed to bring balance to your surrounding environment.

From  $30.00



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